Nobel Laureates

Seven Australian early career researchers have been selected from a highly competitive field to travel to Lindau in Germany to meet and learn from more than 30 Nobel Laureates.

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International scientists

The Australian Academy of Science has elected two internationally recognised leaders in science as Corresponding Members.

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Kissing on the Internet

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The Chemistry of Risk Taking

Why do so many people take risks? In fact, why do many people take repeated risks? Jumping out of a plane with a piece of ... Continue Reading →

Aussie scientists develop world’s first autism test

World's first autism test developed by Australian scientists, what the video and find out what it is all about. Continue Reading →

Elizabeth H. Blackburn

Professor Elizabeth Helen Blackburn was born in Hobart on 26th November 1948. Originally from Australia, she became famous as a biological researcher at the University ... Continue Reading →

Who Are Copus Project

The Copus project is a grassroots network that brings people together with the intention of helping them to understand science and the value it brings ... Continue Reading →


The Future of Knowledge

Article by: Mariyan Khosravizadeh. The question to be addressed in this short essay is “What is the future of knowledge?” In order to answer this ... Continue Reading →

Thomas Ranken Lyle

Thomas Ranken Lyle / mathematics / physics

Sir Thomas Ranken Lyle, specializing in the fields of mathmatics and physics, Sir Thomas made significant contributions to science in Australia and is the namesake ... Continue Reading →

Douglas Mawson

Sir Douglas Mawson / Earth sciences

Sir Douglas Mawson, FAA, FRS: Sir Douglas Mawson was a renowned geologist and Antarctic explorer.   Continue Reading →

John Conrad Jaeger / Australian Earth sciences

John Conrad Jaeger, FAA, FRS, Professor Jaeger was a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science from 1954 until his death in 1979. He also ... Continue Reading →

Sir Ian Wark / applied science

Sir Ian Wark, CMG, CBE, FAA, FTSE.: Sir Ian Wark was named Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1964. Continue Reading →

E J Hannan / mathematical sciences

Professor E J Hannan, FAA,: Acted Professor of Statistics at the Research School of Social Sciences of the Australian National University and was a co-founder ... Continue Reading →

Haddon Forrester King / mineral exploration

Haddon Forrester King made important contributions to the geological sciences as it relates to the serach for mineral deposits.. Haddon King was appointed Chief Geologist ... Continue Reading →

David Craig / chemistry

Professor David Craig, AC, FAA, FRS : Professor Craig is recognized for his contribution to chemical research. Craig is an Emeritus Professor at the Australian ... Continue Reading →

Ruth Stevens Gani / human genetics

Ruth Stevens Gani / human genetics including clinical, molecular, population and epidemiological genetics and cytogenetics Ruth Stevens Gani published several papers, among the most famous ... Continue Reading →

Dr J.L. Pawsey / physics

Dr J.L. Pawsey, FAA. : Dr Pawsey has been honoured with the Pawsey medal since 1967. Dr Pawsey’s work has been an inspiration to many ... Continue Reading →

Patrick Alfred Pierce Moran / statistical science

Professor Patrick Moran, FAA. I : Elected to the Chair of Statistics at Australian National University in Canberra in 1953, Professor Moran began a long ... Continue Reading →

R.J.W. Le Fèvre / Chemistry

Professor R.J.W. Le Fèvre, FAA, FRS.: Professor Le Fevre lead many impactful research projects in Sydney that made groundbreaking discoveries. Le Fevre was also elected ... Continue Reading →

Dr A. Gottschalk / medical sciences

Dr A. Gottschalk, FAA: Dr. Gottschalk published more than 200 research papers and reviews and is credited with the publishing of four books. Gottschalk wrote ... Continue Reading →

Sir Frederick White / physical, terrestrial and planetary sciences

Sir Frederick White: Sir White was an honorary member of the Royal Society of New South Wales, an honorary fellow of the prestigious Australian Institute ... Continue Reading →